Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Prince

When Abby saw my last post with the pictures from Beauty and the Beast, she was quite disappointed when the Prince's photo was not found among them.

How could I have been so insensitive?

I mean, he is the Prince, after all! And he maybe had 2 lines to memorize for the entire show. And he was on stage for maybe 5 minutes total. (The Prince and the Beast were played by two different people.)

But in Abby's mind, he was one of the principle characters. ;)

So I present to you, Abby with the Prince. Long live the Prince!

I find it very odd that in most Disney fairy tales, the Prince does not have a name. Anyone else feel this way?


Mama Lily said...

At least in Shrek he is Prince Charming. :) Cute picture.

Cinnamon said...

great picture. they all did a really great job to.