Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Way to Beat the Heat

Sometimes, it’s just too much work to get to the pool.  On those days, I just pull out the hose and turn it on.  It cools them off just as well.  And I can get dinner made in the mean time.

sarah 2 

Trying to catch some sprinkles on her tongue, perhaps?abby both sarah 

I wish I were that flexible.sarah 3

A few observations from the video:

1.  When did Abby’s legs get so long?

2.  I love Sarah’s little song and dance there at the beginning.

3.  It cracks me up that Abby dumps the water on her head but Sarah didn’t see that part and so she just dumps hers on the ground.  Usually, she does EXACTLY what Sister does.

4.  Don’t you love our ghetto set-up:  the hose nozzle wedged in between the bricks I found in the garage?  Oh, well. It worked.

5.  When Sarah points down the driveway, she’s pointing at her Daddy who just drove back from the store.  Then she’s telling him “water” (quite emphatically) and signing it, too.


Rachel said...

How cute! That's hilarious that she's such a copycat! It's a good thing Abby doesn't seem to mind.

Karen said...

super cute pictures. the video is great too. why is water so much fun??

The Downing 5 said...

Love the video! They ar very entertaining!

palmtreefanatic said...

so cute!