Saturday, July 10, 2010

Swim Lessons

Abby had swim lessons again this year.  Four mornings a week for two weeks we went to the pool for an hour-long lesson.  The first couple of days, I had Sarah with me and became a human jungle-gym.  Not fun.  So, the other days, Sarah went to Tot-watch while I sat and read a book by the pool.

Abby got pretty good at her back floats and her back strokes. She improved her front glide and learned new leg movements.

The last day, her Daddy took her and the camera and got some pictures.  That was the day they learned about water safety and life jackets.

smile life jacket swim

Abby’s personality is naturally cautious of new things, so it’s good for her to take a refresher course each summer to be comfortable in the water.

Sarah doesn’t seem to need lessons yet.  She just does what Abby does and swims right after her.

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Karen said...

She is swimming so well! Little fishes--both of them.