Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dad of the Year

Back in March or April, Abby brought a paper home from school saying if she read 20 books by the end of the month, she would get two tickets to a Lake Erie Crushers ball game.  She read her allotted books and we got the tickets several weeks later. 

The designated game was on June 29. 

So, after driving for 8 hours home from Kentucky, Billy had a couple of hours to relax and then they went to the ballgame. Several of her classmates also got tickets so Billy hooked up with some of them and ended up not having to drive.  Whew!

Abby was excited about going but also worn out from the trip. ball game 1

It actually got cold when the sun went down and they didn’t take sweatshirts.  Good thing they had this blanket to cuddle up with.

ball game 2

They left after the ninth inning.  The game was still scoreless.  The Crushers eventually won in the eleventh.

Way to go Daddy for going the extra mile for your girlie!  He was so proud of Abby for reading all those books, he could not let her miss the prize.


Billy said...

Abby did an awesome job reading! Like you said, I could not let her miss that reward. Thanks Babe!

palmtreefanatic said...

yeah Abby!
love the new blog look!