Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Great Smoky Mountains

The day after the wedding, we decided to drive up into the mountains since we were so close.  Personally, it was not my best day ever:  a bit hot, a bit tired, a bit grumpy, combined with a bit of monthly struggles.  Nuff said.

But I persevered.  And then, we get to the mountains (Cades Cove) and drive along a scenic trail and see a deer grazing right by the road.  I pull my camera out to take a picture, and the battery is DEAD!!!  AARRGGG.

So I ran back to Karen’s car and grabbed her camera and took pictures with hers for both of us. The deer had run off by then.  Just imagine a little deer grazing right there.  :)0 view

We stopped to look at an old church and took a little walk to see a bear up in a tree.  He was really high up so we didn’t get a good look at him.  I was hoping not to run into the mama.  Also hoping not to step in poison ivy.  Notice the inappropriate footwear.  hmmm.1 footwear

Later, we stopped to hike a trail and the park ranger had an otter pelt.2 otter

Some of the group on the bridgebridge

Sarah likes to blaze the trail herself!3 run sarah

It was a pretty (and thankfully SHADY) mile trail up to an old homestead.4 trail

The kids in the barn5 barn

Our new house (I guess it comes with random kids)6 house

They have running water!7 running water

The cuties posing on the stump.  I am sparing you the next picture I took of Abby.  Let’s just say she doesn’t deal well with the heat.8 pose

Back down by the creek9 creek

The water was COLD and refreshing!10 cooling off

After cooling off in the water in which some of us got more than just our feet wet, we got back in the car and drove to my Granny’s farm in Kentucky.

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Billy said...

It was hot but it was a nice trip into the mountains. It reminded me of going to the mountains with my parents when I was a kid.