Thursday, July 08, 2010

Parade and Beach

The fifth of July was a scorcher.  The sun blazed down with hardly a cloud in the sky.  Billy and the girls went a little early to find a good spot to watch the parade.  By the time I got there, the girls were melting in the hot sun!  I brought an umbrella for Abby and then we got them snow cones from a street vendor. parade  sarah abby 

The parade finally started and the girls forgot to be upset by all the HOT when the candy started coming.  Abby had been anticipating this for weeks before the parade and the girls each came with a bucket to heap up their treasures.  The parade did not disappoint.  Sarah was like a little vacuum cleaner with the candy.  She made sure it was ALL picked up!  And there were no other little kids near us so they got it all.  Plus the cute factor worked in their favor. candy

2010 parade One lonely cloud floated by to give us shade for approximately 3 minutes. cloud

We had already planned a trip to the beach for the remainder of the day.  Billy was unsure about going to sit in the hot sun some more, but the girls were already pumped so we couldn’t back out.  So we packed our cooler with lots of ice and we set out.  Karen and Krew came too.beach joey sarahlydia timmyteenagers

It turned out ok, cause Billy spent lots of time floating in the water cooling off.  He was wishing for a bigger float but had to make due with what we had.   billy  Uh oh.  Here comes trouble!sneakyme sarah

Turned out to be a very enjoyable day!

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Billy said...

It was a very hot day but floating in the lake was very refreshing! Great pictures Babe!