Friday, July 09, 2010

Natural Play Structure

Backing up a little…

There are a few things that happened toward the end of June that I didn’t get a chance to share pictures yet.  So the next few posts will be “pre-fourth-of-July.”

The swing set we have in our yard came with the house.  It is an old metal one that is rusting and one by one, the swings are being broken.  It is still standing and the regular swings work as well as the slide, but that’s about it.  We’ve thought about replacing it with a new wooden structure, but so far it hasn’t fit in the budget

What we do have, however, is a tree we planted the first summer we lived here.  It was a sapling we pulled out of the garden before we tilled it up and Daniel planted it in the yard closer to the house.  It has grown quickly and the branches are now sturdy enough to hold the weight of a little person.  The girls and their cousins love to play on the tree and swing from the branches. Abby hang   sarah sarah hang sarah smileboth girls sarah swingmama

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Karen said...

great pictures. Trees are always the best place to play!! :)