Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Fourth: Pool, Picnic and Pyrotechnics

Since the fourth landed on a Sunday this year, our little town decided that the Independence Day festivities would be divided into two days: fireworks the night of the fourth and the parade on the morning of the fifth.  A little backwards, but fun anyway!  Two days of celebrating!!

We decided to go to the pool for a couple of hours in the early afternoon. abby sunbathing  

Then we had family over for a picnic for the late afternoon.  picnic  auntie picnic jordan

Finally, we headed over to the high school yard to watch the fireworks.  Sarah was safeguarding the bag of popcorn and would only give out handfuls at a time.waiting

Incidentally, the only picture of me from the entire day.  That’s what happens when Mama holds the camera. me

Abby’s glow bracelets. abby

I was messing with the “fireworks” setting on my camera.  Too bad I didn’t have a tripod.  It’s pretty hard to get a good picture when little ones are shaking you saying, “Look, Mama!!” at the pretty fireworks. fireworks

Next up, the parade and an afternoon at the beach.

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