Friday, January 12, 2007

Anyone Have A Thesaurus I Could Borrow?

I've been busy working on the other blog trying to get caught up with all the quilt sqares I've gotten. So far, I have 6 on the blog with 13 more to go.

And then yesterday, I had a newspaper reporter from our hometown paper call. He had seen a quilt square on another blog that I had sent to a lady in our swap. She put the name of our town as the title of the post with a picture of the fabric and wish. He looked us up in the phonebook and started asking questions about the quilt swap.

I'm hoping that he "gets" the idea and that the bigger story is about adoption and not the quilt.

We'll see. Sometimes, it is hard to articulate our reasons for adoption and specifically Chinese adoption. There is so much in my heart but it doesn't always come out of my mouth in such a way to be understood. I pray God gives me the right words to say. (Even this paragraph was hard to type and I erased and re-wrote it 5 times.)

Any advice?

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Rachel said...

Depends on the reporter! Which one is it??