Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wake Up Call

It is a struggle for me to wake up early in the morning. I set my alarm but "snooze" it until it goes off. I have really been wanting to get up earlier than Abby, but most, if not all, mornings that just doesn't happen.

This morning was no exeption.

I set my alarm early so I could get in the shower before Abby woke up. I wanted to go to MOPS to hear my sister speak. The meeting starts at 9:15... A.M. Usually, I can't get us out the door before 10.

Anyway, once again, I "snoozed" the alarm thinking, I'll get up in a minute.

Yeah, right.

Next thing I know, I hear shouts coming from Abby's room.

"HEY!! HEY!!"

I wake up a little confused as to why she's yelling. She usually just comes and gets in bed with me.

I run in there expecting all sorts of misfortunes.

I find her standing in her windowsill next to her bed with the blind pulled back.

"HEY!! HEY!! LOOK AT THE MOON!!" (She always has been fascinated with it.)

"Yes," I respond, "that is a pretty moon." It's just starting to get light outside and the moon was still bright.

After a minute or two of me still trying to collect myself, she adds, "Is it wake-up time?"

It is now!!

P.S. We made it to MOPS on time.

P.P.S. We'll try the alarm thing again tomorrow.


Mama Lily said...

Did it work today? I know it feels so much better when you can get up and get your bearings first!

Dale said...

I'm right there with ya... I'd be better off if I had a clock with no snooze button at all! Or maybe one with electric wires running to my pillow - That might help...