Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Part III (Hopefully I Can Come To The End Of The Christmasy Details)

Christmas morning... thankfully Abby didn't wake up too early.

Here she is coming down the stairs.

I'm still asleep.

Abby with the Christmas tree "stuffed" with presents (most of them for her).

Merry Christmas

Here she is with her new stroller. She had seen it a couple of days before in the office closet and had been asking for it every day. I told her she had to wait for Christmas.

New Purple Stroller

The first present she opened was a new set of paints and brushes with a couple new canvases. I had got them as a last minute item on the Saturday before while shopping with a friend. I was glad I did.

New Paints

Abby immediately wanted to paint. I had to really convince her to open another present. She opened some books and wanted me to read them to her.


She still wanted to paint. So we let her. While the rest of the presents waited under the tree. Might as well let her enjoy Christmas.

Painting Break

After painting, we had breakfast and then got back to the important stuff of opening the rest of the presents.

Princess Movie

Purple Dress

Posable Angelina Ballerina

That afternoon, we went to my mom's for Christmas dinner. She and my Aunt Linda made french onion soup, prime rib, potatoes, green beans, cheesy garlic rolls, and lots of other stuff. Wow! It was good. My sisters and I provided the desserts. I made Raspberry Trifle. Yummy.

Billy had the entire week off. It was such a relaxing time being together as a family. Billy and I actually got to go out by ourselves a couple different times. And we spent the evenings watching the fourth season of The West Wing.

It was a good Christmas season for us. It gave Billy and I a chance to renew our relationship and connect. And I think I changed a total of two diapers the whole time. Not that I tried to avoid them, but Billy was always doing it. ;)

Now I'm back to trying to find a routine again of laundry, cleaning, and all that other "Mommy" stuff.

Oh yeah, and blogging, too.


palmtreefanatic said...

looks like Abby had lots of fun! and you all had a wonderful christmas!

amanda said...

your daughter is beautiful!

it looks like yall had a very fun Christmas!!

how blessed you are!

Mama Lily said...

cute pictures of Abby. I haven't seen any of these. I'm glad you and Billy had that special time together!

Rachel said...

I'm glad you guys had such a good time together...the 4th season of West Wing huh??? :D lol