Sunday, January 21, 2007

FW: Fw: fw: (You get the idea)

I am not one who likes to forward funny email stories. However, I read a blog tonight, or rather watched a YouTube video on Big Mama's blog. I laughed so hard that Billy and Abby came in from the other room to see what it was all about. And they laughed too. Ok, just Billy laughed, cause Abby didn't really understand it.

Anyway, go watch it. It is TOO FUNNY!

Gotta love those southern women.


Rachel said...

Oh my gosh....I laughed so hard. That was histerical!!!! Sarah didn't think it was that funny though. Maybe its a gene that we have.

Mark and Rebecca said...

I actually saw this and laughed so hard. Too funny! Don't we all know someone like that?

Great blog!

(Ladybug/Red Thread)