Monday, January 08, 2007

We're Moving Into Uncharted Territory

Abby is a bit of a "Fancy Nancy." She loves to put on her play dresses and jewelry. She received this pair of pink high-heeled sandals for her birthday from Aunt Melissa and Uncle Michael. She calls them her "new Mary Poppins shoes." (I'm sure Miss Poppins will be pleased with the upgrade.)
Abby also likes to put on her "make-up." I've given her some of my older brushes and almost-empty powder case and Abby applies her make-up when I'm doing mine. Her cousin gave her a bunch of lip gloss for Christmas and Abby is pretty good at putting it on. It really is scary to think what she'll be like at 13. :)
She also loves to have her nails painted. I usually limit her to just the toes but sometimes we do her fingernails as well. In the past, I've just done the nail painting in the summer (when my toes aren't covered in layers of socks, slippers or shoes). However, Abby insists that we paint toes year-round now. So this past Friday, she picked out the color and I painted her toenails. And then she wanted me to paint mine as well. She's starting to turn me into a girly-girl, too.
When I was younger, I wasn't much for make-up or dressing up. I could do it for special occasions but it wasn't my usual look. On my wedding day, I wore lipstick and it was an actual "event" cause I never wore lipstick at that point in my life. Now that I've been married a few years, I've started wearing lipstick more often and dressing up (not too often).
And now, painted toenails... in the winter! I must admit, though, that when I see them after taking off my slippers, it makes me smile. Something a little bright when everything else is so grey. I guess my little Princess is rubbing off on me.


Billy said...

She is the prettiest little princess in the world and her mommy is Gooood looking!

palmtreefanatic said...

And that she should:) Hey I was at Hobby Lobby today and they just got in some neat chinese stuff this past week for the "chinese new year" which I believe sold as with the christmas stuff being 80% off! you should go check it out! should you get the chance!

ShaggaBear said...

Billy- you're too kind! I love you!

Mama Lily said...

she'll be just like Auntie! I always loved stuff like that. I always wore my make up too, paint and polish....GREAT STUFF! :D

Rachel said...

Hopefully her little cousin will get some of that "girlie"ness too. Girls are so different than boys.