Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. It FINALLY snowed here last night. We have not had snow since before Christmas. And even then, it didn't really cover all the grass. Last night's snow didn't cover much more, but it's better than nothing. It's supposed to keep snowing for the next couple days, so maybe we'll get more accumulation.

Abby's loving it! She played outside for a while this afternoon. Sorry, no pictures.

2. I got three squishes in the mail today. How exciting! I'll put the pictures up on the other blog. I've got 21 so far. There are 46 in my first swap with the "September DTC" group so I'm expecting 25 more in the next few weeks.

I recently joined another swap on the "One Hundred Good Wishes Quilt" group. That swap has to do with Chinese culture. We're supposed to write a page about our topic and pick a fabric that goes along with it. The topic I chose is "porcelain." I love all things blue and white and that's why I decided on that topic. I'm learning lots about the history and process. It will be hard to whittle it all down to something concise and interesting to read. I feel like I'm back in school.

3. I did my exercise video this morning. I actually got up before Abby, but it turned out I only beat her up by about 5 minutes. So much for my "alone" time. It was OK, though, cause she sat on the couch reading books while I "walked away the pounds."

4. I baked a fresh loaf of wheat-free bread today in my sister's bread machine. Guess I need to do that video twice a day. :)

5. I read somewhere that cauliflower is good mashed - like potatoes. So I made potato soup only with cauliflower and I turned out really good. I did put a couple of potatoes in it but mostly the cauliflower... and broccoli. Billy loved it- he had 3 bowls. Wow. And Abby said, "delicious!" Guess I'll be making that again.

I leave you with this picture from Sunday. I got this dress on clearance for $7. Abby LOVES it! So do I.
Cutie Pie


Just Me said...

Are you getting in shape for the ski slopes?

palmtreefanatic said...

simply adorable!

Mama Lily said...

The kids told me that now that its snowed, you have to set a date for skiing. funny. Abby looks beautiful as always.

Rachel said...

She's too funny. I need to make some bread too. All the grilled cheeses around here smell so good!

Alicia said...

She's so adorable...