Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Camping Cousins

The North Carolina Cousins came into town the first weekend in August.  The kids all had fun playing together  and comparing growth spurts.

Friday night was the traditional bonfire night and then Hannah decided to put up a tent in the backyard and invite all the littles to stay overnight.  Abby was a bit apprehensive but I encouraged her to try to stay and see what happened.  We did not allow Sarah to stay.  I’m sure she would have been okay but we didn’t want her wandering off in the middle of the night.

All ready to “sleep.”  Girls on one side.nighttime

Boys on the other.the boys

Waking up early.  early birds

I talked to Karen in the morning to see how it went and she said they all did good.  Billy, Sarah and I walked down with some bagels to feed the crew.bagels

Cooking eggs on the fire (there were still glowing embers from the fire the night before, so they put on some more wood and voila, a cooking fire!) campfire eggs

Eating breakfast in the tentbreakfast in the tent

The morning growlmorning growl

Sarah climbing in the tree      sarah

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