Monday, August 09, 2010

Fun with Joey

Joey came over one day to play with the girls and ended up spending the whole day and night with us.  I love living close enough for cousins to do that.

When the girls go over to their boy cousins house, they end up playing cars, or sword fights or other boy games.  When the boys come to our house, they play dress-up.  Thankfully we have one boy costume for them to wear.  They played everything in those outfits, even going outside to swing and jump on the trampoline.smiling

They are a silly bunch! silly

Later, it was hot so I turned on the hose for them.  Then they were cold, so they sat in the sun to warm up.sunbathing

As for the “hanging” picture in the previous post, they were playing in the tree and Joey’s shirt got hung on a cut-off branch.  He yelled for help and Billy came to free him.  So he did it again, and Billy got the camera out.  Joey freed himself right after the picture was snapped by taking his shirt off.

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Karen said...

I think he likes being there even better than home. :)