Friday, August 13, 2010

Row, row, row your boat

On Thursday, the whole family went down to the Mohican River to go canoeing.  It’s been several years since Billy and I have gone and this was the girls’ first river adventure.  We took the 7-mile course that is supposed to take 2 hours and stretched it to 3 or more by stopping several times to swim or swing on a rope.

Mom and Dadmom and dad

Rob, Joey and Karenkaren canoe

Abby rode with Jordan and Hannahabbyhannah canoe

Timmy, Micah and Mariannatimmy canoe

Abby borrowed Joey’s little oar for a whileabby 2.

Uh, oh.  We lost a passenger.lost a passenger

I let her do most of the work.sarah

There goes Abby off the tire swing.abby tire

And Sarah tries it too!sarah tire

Our whole group (minus Karen who was taking the picture)group

Cute little fence post toppers.fence post

After working up an appetite, we went to a state park for our picnic supper and then a hike through the woods.  Hannah was the Troop Leader for the Littles and she had them running on ahead and posing for pictures by the time we got there.posing

This was a fallen tree over the path and they were actually quite high up there.  No fear here!tree climb

Trekking back to the car required some assistance.piggy back

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Rachel said...

Looks like a lot of fun.