Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We enjoyed Idlewild so much last year, we decided to do it again.  This time with friends!

Our friends, Joe and Gena have two daughters about a year younger than Abby.  We met them at our adoption play group and the girls always have a lot of fun when they get together.

So, on Monday, we got up at dark-thirty and met up with our friends for the four hour drive to Pennsylvania.  When we finally arrived, we were all ready to have some fun!

Waiting in line for the Ferris wheel.watching

Going up!  Sarah had fun on this ride while everyone was loading, but as soon as it started going, she was scared and wanted to jump off.  Several times around, I shielded her eyes with my hands and tried to help her not to look.  It seemed to help.  And everyone thought she was my little daredevil.ferris wheel

Next, we tried the Jumpin’ Jungle area.  It has a big slide. slide

Sarah went down with Daddy. daddy and sarah

Climbing up the big net ladder. net

On the rope bridge.bridge

The Daddies forge ahead! guys

Sarah on the zip

I tried it out, too.  Wheeeee! mommy zip

Story Book Forest – so happy to be here.story book

In a school house, getting a taste of what is to come in a few weeks.classroom

Raggedy Abby and Raggedy Laurenraggedy ann and andy

Cutie pie Raggedy Sarahraggedy sarah

Family picture (I think Abby has found a new way of coping with the all the picture taking – acting silly!) family

Joe and Gena – the paparazzi joe and gena

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin eater.pumpkin

Little Red Riding Hood. little red

Face painting as such a hit last year, we did it again this year.  I picked out this bird design for Sarah. sarah bird

So it would match the colors in the the Tiger face Abby had picked out. abby tiger

It took a while for all these faces to be painted.  all faces

Funny story:  while Abby was getting her face painted (the last one), Sarah was outside playing with a little girl who was waiting to get hers done.  I was inside the little booth watching Abby when I heard the loud wails of the little girl and a lady say, “She tackled my daughter!”    I ran outside to see the mom hovering over her crying daughter and Sarah just staring at them both.  I apologized profusely and thankfully the mom was gracious.  I think what happened is that the girl ran away a few steps and Sarah went to get her.  Oops!faces

I found out later that Billy had seen the whole thing but Joe said, “Let the Mom’s handle this one!” and so he stayed put. 

Waiting to ride the Rollo Coaster – FUN!  Even Sarah was tall enough to ride with an adult. But once was enough for her.  Abby wanted to ride again and again! coaster

Another area of the part of the park had rides just for the kids to ride by themselves.airplane airplane

We went to one show – a circus with several different acts:  clown, quick-change artist, trained dogs, and  acrobats.  We didn’t stop riding rides long enough to see any others.

We stayed until the park was closing.  It was a fun day made even more special to share with friends.

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Billy said...

That was a lot of fun! You did come to the rescue as soon as Sarah had tackled the little girl. And moms are better at that sort of thing. :-)