Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It was a mighty fair day for Fair Day!

This summer has been HOT! So when a day rolls around that sees temps in the seventies and low eighties, it’s so nice.  Such was the day when our county hosted Kids Day at the fair with free admission!! 

We always like to go and see the animals, produce, and art work, sample the food and ride the scary rides.  This year, we didn’t do the rides since we had just been to an amusement park.  But the fair offered plenty to see and do without them.

First stop, the animal barns.  The goats are so obliging.abby with goats

Sarah is not too sure.sarah with goats

Why does that look on her face scare me so?  It’s like she’s saying, “just wait till I can reach the pedals, Mama!!”tractor

The one-room school house on the fair propertyclassroom

Our fine player piano playerpiano player

Produce, art, and more (click to enlarge)2010 county fair

CORN DOGS!!!corn dogs

Sarah and Joey posing with dressed up vegetables.sarah and joey

Abby and her friend Meganabby and megan

My first *real* post back in 2006 was of Abby and the county fair.  She was not quite three.  Take a look!

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