Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Signing Time with Abby and Sarah

The girls love watching the Signing Time videos.  It has really helped communication with Sarah.  Her words are getting better but we still have a way to go.

Please do NOT take these pictures as a tutorial in ASL!  I asked the girls to sign some words and this is how the picture came out.  Sarah moves fast so it’s hard to catch her at just the right moment.

Unfortunately she gets a lot of practice with this one:  bug (we have an ant problem in our kitchen).4 bug

Grumpy5 grumpy

Juice6 juice

Grapes7 grapes

I really don’t remember what she was doing here but she looks so cute! 8 big question

Cheese9 cheese

Watermelon10 watermelon

Spoon (or just “H”)11 h

Knife12 knife

Knife13 knife

Train14 train

Oops!  How’d this one get in here?  Cow15 cow

1 comment:

Billy said...

Great signing! I am now online as "The Cow!"