Saturday, August 14, 2010

Carrousel Rides

To cap off our “Week ‘O Fun,”  the four of us went down to Mansfield to ride the carrousel.  We have driven through town several, yea MANY, times on our way south and always said, “we should stop here sometime and ride the carrousel.”  So when we were planning our week of adventures, Mansfield was on the list.

This carrousel runs almost every day of the year and rides cost only 75 cents (less if you buy several at a time).

Billy and I rode the first time with the girls and then they rode the rest by themselves.outside

They have lots of horses, but also other animals, like rabbits, bears, ostriches, and cats.billy bunny

The girls chose to ride horses EVERY time.sarah

Sorry about the photo quality of this one.  I couldn’t believe it when we got home and we had no good pictures of Abby.  She had chosen to ride on the inside horse most every time so it was difficult to catch a good shot. In every one, she was either turned the wrong way or in motion.  Boo, hoo. abby

Click on the picture to enlarge the collage.richland carrousel


Video watching tip:  keep your eyes on the girls as they go around or else you’ll get dizzy!

After riding, we had lunch in downtown Mansfield and then browsed through some of the antique stores.  I have been looking for an “Ohio” plate, but I still haven’t found one.girls


Then we went over to shopping mall area of town and found the dollar theater.  We saw Marmaduke and the girls enjoyed it.

It was a relaxing day to be all together and a nice ending to Billy’s vacation week.


palmtreefanatic said...

love that dollar theater, and what a great movie!
we seen that there too!

Rachel said...

How fun! Sounds like a great day.