Saturday, August 21, 2010

Canning Day

We planted a garden this year.  That means that I put in a lot of tomato plants.  Too many, really.  I do it every year.  You would think I would learn.

We gave a lot away.  And still have some growing if anyone within driving distance wants some.  You can have as many as you can pick.

My mom suggested canning some of the tomatoes and so I reluctantly agreed.  My nephew Timmy helped us pick them and then showed up to can the next day as well.  All help is appreciated!

sarah helpersarah abby timmysarah smush    result

We cut up all the Roma tomatoes and then juiced the big ones.  It’s more fun to juice than to dice!

Thanks Mom for facilitating and providing the inspiration for the canning!  I’m done for this year.

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Karen said...

Your cabinet is full, my freezer is!