Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's Official!

Tuesday morning, Sarah woke up crying. She was not sure where she was or who we were. She settled down OK and took her bottle while Billy did the last post for me. We hurried to get breakfast and meet the guide to take us back to the adoption center to sign the final paperwork and make it official.

I dressed the girls in their matching valentine outfits. They were so cute. And I didn't do it on purpose, but I was wearing pink as well.

We wondered when we got the referral picture why she was holding plastic fruit. We now know why. She has to have something in her hands all the time. I think it's a security thing. She loves the little phone I bought her. It plays music and lights up. Thankfully, it's pretty soft and not too loud. It also has an "off" switch!
In the interview room, the registrar asked us some questions and we promised to never abandon or abuse Sarah. We signed our names and then put a red thumbprint over our signatures.
Then it was Sarah's turn. We had to put her footprint on the document.
My hair is covering her face, but she is crying!! She does not like to have her feet messed with!
This is the Director of the orphanage that Sarah came from. We gave him gifts and he had one for Sarah, including a few pictures of her life at the orphanage and some of her nannies.
This is the official document!
This is outside the Adoption Center.
As we were leaving the adoption center, Sarah cried as we were getting in the van. We had to make a couple more stops, and every time, she cried as we were getting into the van. We also had to go to a notary to sign again and answer more questions. I put her in the carrier, and she seemed to do better in that.

Next, was a trip to W*lmart. That was interesting!! They had fish jerky and deep-fried chicken feet. Yum! We bought Sarah a red ball because that was one of the things that the orphanage said was her favorite toy.
And either it is WM or maybe just the cart, but it happened again. Abby fell asleep in the cart. Too funny!
After lunch in the hotel restaurant, we had a few more tears when it was nap time. I don't think she slept very well. We hung out in the room and ate a few snacks for dinner. Belle played ball with Sarah and got her to smile and laugh a little.

Overall, it was a more trying day. Sarah was crying a lot more. Whoever has her, she doesn't want anyone else to hold her. If that makes any sense. If I have her, she doesn't want Billy to take her, but if I have her, she doesn't want Billy. She doesn't like change, I guess. She does like Belle, though. Hopefully, she's getting used to us and will improve day by day.


Anonymous said...

We'll continue to pray for "bounding with baby" :) We love the pictures and also talking with you. Love you lots and can't wait for you all to get home. Mom & Dad

TanyaBee said...

Praying for dear little Sarah as she adjusts, and for you to all have patience, wisdom, and creativity to help her! :)