Monday, February 09, 2009

Our Itinerary

On Thursday February 12, our flight begins in Clevland at 8:05 am. After a layover, we fly to Tokyo and then on to Beijing. Total travel time is over 24 hours with around 16 hours in the air.

This is a map of China! We fly into Beijing on Friday, Feb 13 (we "lose" a day going over). We'll spend Saturday and some of Sunday site-seeing the Great Wall, the Olympic Stadium, and other points of interest (Hard Rock Cafe). And then on Sunday evening we fly to Nanning in Guangxi Province. On this map, it's the pink one in the south.

Then on Monday afternoon, we go to an adoption center where we meet Sarah for the first time!!! The moment we have all been waiting for. We spend a few more days in her province waiting for all the paperwork to be complete... her passport, adoption decrees, etc. Actually, they do all this paperwork and we get to enjoy a little shopping and site-seeing and MOST importantly "bound with baby!"

And then on Friday, the 20th, we fly to a neighboring province to Guangzhou (near the mark for Hong Kong) for the American portion of MORE paperwork. We'll be there for a few days getting her medical check-up and visa application done. On Monday, we take an oath at the U.S. Consulate and on Wednesday morning early, we embark on our journey home. Another 24 hours later (still on Wednesday) we arrive in Cleveland around 6 pm. Hopefull, the flights will not be delayed as they were on our trip home with Abby. That particular day lasted for 36 hours or more.

We are taking the laptop and hope to post updates and pictures frequently. Here's hoping everything works correctly.

If you want some more information about where Sarah is from click on the link below.
Information on Guangxi, "The Western Expanse."

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Anonymous said...

So happy for your family; what an awesome adventure for all of you to share! My prayers go with you!

Jen K~