Saturday, February 21, 2009

Medical Examination

Friday was spent packing our bags and checking out of the hotel in Nanning. Sarah found a new game that fascinated her for hours: taking the hotel toothbrush out of the box and putting it back in. I love it when children play with toys that are absolutely free and leave the toys that we spent money on to gather dust in the corner!

We flew that evening to Guangzhou. It was a short flight of less than an hour. Sarah did great. We had just enough time to mix up her cereal and feed her before it was time to put everything away for landing (the roughest landing to date on the trip).

The hotel we’re staying in is the same one we stayed at when we came for Abby. They have nice big rooms and good breakfasts. The part of town we’re staying in is Shamian Island (the island is surrounded by a river on one side and a moat on the others). The American Consulate office used to be located on this island and all American adoptions have to come through this office to get the baby’s visa. So the island is filled with shops and restaurants that cater to the adoption families. It is nice to be able to walk around outside, relax, shop, and eat good food. The weather is very pleasant. It is kind of like a vacation after the “boot camp” of the first week of getting a new baby.

Today, Saturday, we got Sarah’s picture and medical examination for the American visa. Sarah actually let me hold her for most of this outing. It was great!
Taking her temperature.

Say, "Ahhhhh."
Listening to her heart.

After the medical, we went with another family to eat at Lucy’s. This is the most Americanized restaurant on the island. They have French fries, hamburgers, and quesadillas as well as traditional Chinese food.

Then while Abby was watching a movie and Sarah was napping, Belle and I went shopping!! I’m glad the international flights have a higher weight limit than these Chinese flights! I've already bought one pair of squeaky shoes and another matching Chinese outfit for the girls. Along with some other stuff that I will not mention because it will ruin the surprise!!

After shopping, we stopped at the Starbucks, yes Starbucks!!!, that was around the corner from our hotel. I had to fuel up for the paperwork session that was next. Each family had one parent go to fill out the visa paperwork with Zhou. It took about an hour and a half to finish. Boy, do I love filling out paperwork!!!

Then it was dinner at Lucy's again and bed time for the girls.

Tomorrow will be site-seeing and a pearl market. More shopping! I see something shiny!!


Rachel said...

I'm lovin that MASSIVE bow in her hair. I think she's got more hair than Little Peanut. I'm so glad you two are 'bounding'. Miss you heaps and heaps and heaps.

Alicia said...

cool stories. I'm glad things in china are working out for you guys.. Your new baby looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Is that pink bow the one Billy said is as big as her head??? I'm glad the medical went well and Sarah is letting you hold her--The Lord answers prayer!! Love ya, Mom

palmtreefanatic said...

Great pics! Yeah for starbucks!;)
Glad to hear all is falling into place and you have great food to eat:)