Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday (a real imaginative title, I know!)

Sarah woke up bright and early, as usual. She is really having fun walking around and having a little bit of freedom.
She is all smiles for Daddy!
We went to a museum and she did not stay in this stroller for long.
Here's the family with the little girl they adopted. She and Abby had fun running around. They have been playing games together and laughing a lot.
This is after we told Abby she couldn't run around anymore. The Mamas were getting tired of chasing them everywhere!
Billy and Sarah are taking in all the beautiful bone carvings.
They were truly amazing. They carve the balls from the inside out.
Next, we went to a pearl market. Zhou knows the owner and she gives his groups good prices on pearls. They make the jewelery right in the store while you wait.
Abby wanted to buy this one. I convinced her to get something a little simpler.
After the pearl market and a little lunch, Billy and Belle wanted to play a little ping pong. Zhou is really good at the game and soundly beat everyone who challenged him.
Sarah wasn't too sure about Uncle Zhou holding her.
Getting ready for bed. Sarah is waiting for her night time bottle.
When Sarah is tired, she scratches her head behind her ears. It's so cute.
She sleeps through the night most of the time. She wakes up occasionally, but always goes right back to sleep.

It was a busy day, as usual. I am ready to be home and back to a more normal routine. Eating out is fun, but not when you have to do it morning, noon and night. I'm also ready to have my clothes cleaned in a regular washing machine. Hooray that we're coming home in a couple of days!

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Anonymous said...

We're in agreement--Hooray that you're coming home in a couple of days! Love, Mom & Dad