Monday, February 16, 2009

We Have Her!!

We got into Nanning super late Sunday night. We checked into the hotel about 1:30 AM. Abby woke up about 5:00 AM. We didn't have to go to the adoption center till 2:30 PM. So, we took our time getting ready, eating breakfast, updating the flat panda blog with the previous day's activities, etc.

At 2:30 we met out guide, Belinda, in the hotel lobby with the other couple traveling with us. We took a short bus ride to the adoption center and went upstairs to wait in one of the receiving rooms. Here we are waiting.

While the other family was meeting their little girl, we saw Sarah being brought in.
My Niece took video of the who event so their is no photo of me first holding her. Amazingly enough, there were no tears from Sarah or me. Here is Abby meeting her new little sister.
The happy family!!!
Abby is a very good big sister!
We took the picture of the three of us for the paperwork and then we left.
Happy Mama!
Abby wanted Sarah to sit by her on the bus ride home.
She didn't cry at all. She was just taking it all in with those big, beautiful eyes.
We went to dinner at the hotel restaurant and she ate a big bowel of congee. After dinner we came up and got her dressed for bed. She fell asleep while we were talking to Nana on Skype.
We put her in the crib and she slept all night long. And I had a good night's sleep for the first time since we have been in China. This morning she woke up and cried when she didn't realize where she was or who she was with. We were able to calm her down and feed her a morning bottle while I dictated this blog post to Billy.

This morning we will meet our guide again to go back to the adoption center to make it official. Then we will go shopping at Wal-Mart. Billy said he is going to try to find something made in the USA. Fun times!


Tammy said...

How exciting!!! WOW!!! Looks like she has squeaky shoes on in one of the pictures!! Congratulations all around!!!

Thaddeus said...

What fun! I hope she will adapt easily. Have fun the rest of your trip! Hast la vista

Aunt Kathy said...

Welcome to the familly Sarah! She is such a cutie, we can't wait to meet her. When you get a chance send us her sizes. Enjoy your time together. She doesn't look overwhelmed at all (neither does her mommy).

Traci said...

She's beautiful!!! We are so excited for you guys!! Enjoy your bonding time and the rest of your stay! Congrats!

The Downing 5 said...

The girls and I (Pookie too!) love the matching jammies. You all look so happy and at peace! Can't wait for next post!

Love ya's,
The Downing's

Anonymous said...

you all look so happy. She is so cute. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your trip. We're all anxiously waiting to meet her.

God bless


cinnamon said...

my comment up above can't wait to see you all cinnamon

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being a Big Sister - I know you'll teach Sarah well. Can't wait until she brings you to school so I can meet her. Enjoy your trip. Mrs. Rhoad

palmtreefanatic said...

So exciting! Thanks for all the updates!
love the matching jammies!

TanyaBee said...

LInda, she is sooo pretty! Rachael has those same jammies! :)