Monday, February 23, 2009

One Last China Post

My brain is fried and my body is exhausted. Yep, I'm ready to come home. This time tomorrow, we'll be on our way! Yippee!! Everyone is ready. Except for Abby. I think she wants to stay. You know she loves a party!!

Billy and I were talking yesterday evening about the money exchange rate and how it's so confusing for me. It's almost like play money. You want 150 for that? OK! How much is that? I don't know!!

There's a lot of things I don't know anymore:

What time is it? I don't know!
What day is it? I don't know!
How much does that cost? I don't know!
What did he/she just say? I don't know!
What is that on my plate? I don't know!
Can we drink that water? I don't know!
Is she really asleep? I don't know!
Is the paperwork done? I don't know!

The list could go on!

We played hooky from one of the group outings yesterday. I just needed some down time. Belle went, but we had the camera so she didn't get pictures of all the gross stuff at the market. Sorry. Here are some cute ones of Sarah and Abby instead.

My personal favorite from the day!!
She is really loving this new-found freedom of walking around by herself. The plane should be lots of fun tomorrow!

My baby is so strong!
Love her expression!

This morning, we went with the other families to the White Swan Hotel down the street. It is very lovely. Most adoptive families stay here, but not Zhou's groups. He says the rooms are smaller and the price is higher. I really like Zhou!
Our family with Uncle Zhou.
Sisters on the Red Couch. (you're welcome Mama Lily!)
Abby sure does like to pose! I had to catch Sarah before she ran away!
Some of the other babies in our group trying to get them all to look at the same time!
Looking at the pretty fish!
Abby posed while everyone was getting ready for a group picture.
So for now, "So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!"


palmtreefanatic said...

wonderful pics! I enjoyed this trip very much and even better that I don't have to deal with the long plane ride;)lol!
I do pray it goes well!
I like the stroller pic, too funny and cute! my favorite one is the breathtaking photo of the waterfall in the back and the greens so brilliant looking!
can't wait to see you all!
love ya!

TanyaBee said...

WOW your girls are gorgeous!!! :)
Love you!

Anonymous said...

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