Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We're Ready... I Think

The bags have been packed and weighed. And re-packed and re-weighed. And then the stuff put in a new suitcase because the first one had a hole that could fit my whole hand.

There are four of us getting on the plane in a little over 12 hours from now. There are four big suitcases. Four smallish (who am I kidding, only Abby's is small) carry-on bags. Four backpacks. We travel light, no?

On the way back, there will probably be one more suitcase and DEFINATELY one more person!! Can't wait to see my little Sarah Girl!!


Mama Lily said...

sorry about the hole. :(

Ready or not......can't wait to see that sweet face right in the middle of all of yours!!


Alicia said...

I'm excited that you guys have the opportunity to adopt another child from China. It must be such a blessing! I hope your trip goes good! I hope you will post pictures of her like you do abby. I enjoy them. Be Blessed!