Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Observations

I want to try to get some of my observations down "on paper" so that I can remember them for later.

Sarah is the sweetest little person ever. Her eyes are beautiful, bright and discerning. If she's looking at me and I happen to catch her eye, she'll look away. But sometimes she'll focus on me, too. She is also gentle.

And she's a good eater! She can and will eat anything you offer her. Even prunes! We just have to make sure it is cut up really well and will basically slide down easily. She doesn't chew very much. Not sure how many teeth she has on the top, but she has a good many on the bottom. She doesn't mind me wiping her face and mouth area. I guess she's used to people fussing over her with her mouth since she had surgery.

She also doesn't mind wearing bows in her hair. Yeah! That makes me happy. She lets me put whatever I want in her hair. Even if Billy says the bow is bigger than her head.

She likes to have something in her hands all the time. Her favorite right now is the phone that has lights and sounds. I turn it off when I put it in the bed with her at night.

Sarah doesn't like to take her shoes off. Once they're on, she wants them to stay on. She does know how to help me get her dressed by taking something out of one hand to put her arm in the sleeve and then switching to the other.

And so far, the bath has been traumatic. I gave her a bath in the sink and tried to do it quickly, but there were many tears! But I was willing to face the wrath in order to make her smell better! When it was over, she was fine again. The orphanage had said she liked her bath and even gave us a picture of her in the sink. I guess the newness of the adoption makes it scary for her.

We've only had one poopy from her in the three days that we've had her. I guess we need to give her some more prunes.

She likes her cousin, Belle. And laughs at her games and antics. Sarah will let Belle hold her and carry her around. Sarah likes her Daddy, too. Billy has been giving her the morning bottle and carrying her around in the carrier. Sarah watches Abby, but is not too sure about it when Abby gets too close to her face.

And me. Well, Sarah will tolerate me holding her but not very well. She cries when I pick her up. She does let me feed her, though. And I try to do that whenever possible. Last night, I determined to be the one to put her to bed and comfort her. She cried for a long while, straining to see others who might rescue her. Mostly, when she cries, it is a pitiful wimper, but this time she was mad! But she finally settled down and fell asleep. She had not had a very good nap that day and she was very tired. I don't think she slept as well as the other nights and woke up several times wimpering. At one point, I heard something and woke up. I looked at her crib and she already had one leg over the side! Oh, no! So I laid her back down and patted her some more. I think she's a lot more mobile than she's letting on!

Today at the park, Belle was holding her and then put her down to walk. Belle was holding her hand and she was walking pretty good. A little stiff, but good. We tried to switch to me holding her hand, but after a few steps, she sat down and didn't want to go any further.

I know this is not a two week sprint... "bounding with baby." Abby trained me well. However, I just want her to know that I'm her Mommy and I love her very much! I know we have months and years ahead of us that will bond us together.

In the mean time, do I just try to keep her happy by letting others take her? or do I assert myself and make her miserable at the same time? I know it is a transition time and her life has been turned upside down. She is unsure of everything at this point. Thankfully, I have been through this before and know that it will get better. I will keep pressing in and hopefully she will learn to trust me.


Larinda said...

Blogging is such a wonderful way to express yourself and also to share with others. I am thankful for it. I love reading your posts and being able to know how to pray for you as you go through this. Transitioning Sarah to your lifestyle and family will take some time and I know God will give you wisdom. She is beautiful as is sweet Abby.
My twin grandsons have been bonding with their possible adoptive family as I type this. It has been a month now. I miss them terribly but know it is for the best.
Thank you for sharing your life as you do.
God bless,

Mama Lily said...

Go with your heart! Maybe some of both.... Maybe you let others during the day except feeding her, and then you put her to bed like you did. Like Abby, one things settle down at home she won't have a choice--it will be all you and she'll do fine. :)

You're a great mommy--trust your instincts.

LOVE YOU. thanks for blogging

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all these things. My first thoughts were as Mama Lily's. I will be praying for the Lord to give you His wisdom. His love will continue to "bound" you together. Don't fear her rejection--remember she is almost two and two year olds like to set the boundaries and stretch them. Perhaps if you carry her more in the day--even if she whimpers, she will begin to accept it more.
As Mama said, "go with your heart"!!!

We love you, miss you, and are eager to have the WHOLE family home. Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

Dear Billy and Linda,

We are really enjoying your blogs, especially the ones where you pick up Sarah, so heart warming. She is such a pretty girl, so different from Abby, just the same as if they were siblings! Everything was done different then when you went last time. Having only two parents in the room when picking up child was a big improvement! You are a trooper! Linda. But like you said you have been through this before. We are leaving for our trip this morning. We are taking along the lap top so we can continue getting your blogs. Veronica at Mi Casa will also get the blogs for Grandma so she can see them while we are gone. We shall be gone til March 15, Sarah's birthday.
Mom and Dad

Eileen said...

Linda, I so appreciate you sharing - the good and the hard. Praying God will give you and Billy wisdom as you parent this new little one!

Rachel said...

I agree with Mama Lily. Once you get home everyone will be back to work and school. She'll get used to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Keepimg you in my prayers!! Trust your instincts, she will feel the love from you! Kim :)

The Downing 5 said...

Your post was so sweet. I know how frustrating it is to want to hold her and have her want to be with only you. We went through several months of this when Twirlgirl was turning 2. She wouldn't let me hold her, feed her, bathe her...nothing. I kept making myself available and I would play with her as often as she let me. There were lots of tears and frustration for all of us then. But, like everyone else has said. When life gets back to "normal" you are the one who she will be with and learn to depend on and love. You are an awesome Mom!

Anonymous said...

You are doing a fantastic job! Just keep trying to show her that you love her. Try doing the 'desirable' things only for her. Feeding, playing, anything that makes her happy. She will learn to trust you by you meeting her needs. Just help her to be happy. She will adjust in no time. She will also learn by watching you and Abby interact. Hang in there. We will keep praying. Give Abby a hug for us. Thanks for keeping us updated.


cinnamon said...

I agree with all of these post. She will definatley get use to you. You will do great with sarah.She is so darling. Can't wait to see All of you.

TanyaBee said...

Linda, I am praying so much for you to have wisdom in all this! I know it must be tough----I SOOOOO admire your mommy skills, I wish I could have your are very wise. Praying for the Lord to turn little Sarah's heart to her mommy! I admire your ability to Trust and Wait! love you. :)

palmtreefanatic said...

Thanks for the great update!
Everything is so new right now for all of you, she will come around! I think you are doing GREAT and are a great mom! Just relax more and stress less, easier said then done but God will see you through!